About Me


“My goal is to create original composition rich story-telling fine art paintings.”


Art has been my life long preference for expressing myself.

I have been inspired by my role model artist and inventor Leonardo DaVinci.

Year Abroad at the “Universita’ Internazionale dell’Arte, Florence, Italy (1972-73)
Studied: Leonardo DaVinci Inventions, Designs, Paintings and Sculptures.
Author: “Lunar Experimental Laboratory” article, published April 1973,
in “Cinquemattoni” the Italian Design Magazine.

Solo Art Show ‘Aesthetic Science’ at Moorhead State College, MN. (1973)
Focused on ‘Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics’, 
including Geodesic Domes, Laser Holography, Sculpture and Paintings.

Invited Exhibitor at the “American Painters in Paris” Art Show. (1975)
Oil Painting: “My Lady” (62″x88″) inspired by Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”.

EDUCATION: Inspired by DaVinci’s Art and Inventions and U.S. Space Programs.

  • 1969-76 Completed curriculum for Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting.
  • 1974-76 B.S. Aviation Management from Metropolitan State, Denver Colorado.
  • 1976-85 B.S., M.S. & PhD. Aerospace Engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder.

PROFESSIONAL: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and ART.

Aerospace Engineering Career, with continued Painting as a life-long passion.

  • 1980-84 Research Assistant and Internships working on USG R&D contracts
  • 1985-90 Conceptual Designer and System Engineer at Grumman and Lockheed
  • Adjunct Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech (fall86-spring87)
  • 1991-99  Chief Engineer and Program Manager on contracts at Skunk Works
  • Adjunct Professor of Aerospace Engineering at CSUN (fall90-spring91)
  • 2000-14 Vice President and Program Director at Lockheed Martin & Skunk Works

Art Career Business “Rod Cusic Fine Artist”, started 2014 website:  rodcusic.com

  • Built an Art Studio to create large Acrylics, Oils and Encaustics paintings
  • Developing handmade photoluminescence paints combining wet mediums and dry pigments
  • Paintings exhibited at Santa Barbara, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes and Santa Clarita venues, including ArtWalks, Art Festivals, Winery, Restaurant and City Hall.